Digital Viewer shows the wrong cam

The microscope app picks up the wrong cam. Using Digital Viewer 3.1.07 with Windows 7. My laptop has a built in camera that shows up when I boot Digital Viewer. No way to change the cam. When I disable the built in camera and re-boot Digital Viewer, the USB microscope shows up fine. In the file config.ini is the line “resourcespath=default”

What I mean is that I think all I need to do is change that line in the config.ini file; but I don’t know what resourcespath should be equal to.

Hey David,

Thanks for contacting us!

It’s actually simple to change the device to the microscope. Just go into the settings menu (the grey gear icon), and in the drop-down box select the microscope. It should be named USB2.0 Camera.

Let me know if that works!

Sam Morgan
Plugable Technologies

Ooops! I missed that button - I guess 'cause its grayed out. Works fine, thanks!