Digital Viewer not detecting microscope on MacOS

I got the 250x microscope, installed DigitalViewer 3.1.07 on a retina MacBook Pro MacOS 10.12.3, and DV is not recognizing the camera at all. All it lists is the built-in FaceTime camera, there is no other option in the dropdown.

If I fire up Photo Booth, the microscope shows up as “USB Camera2.0” and works just fine. The microscope is also recognized on the USB 3.0 bus when I look at System Information.

EDIT: oookay, if I repeatedly open/close the DV app I can get it to recognize the microscope sometimes.

Earlier today I had DV working with the microscope on my work MacBook which is an identical configuration, but now DV doesn’t work on either laptop.

The driver page for MacOS lists 3.1.08, but the download link is really 3.1.07. Even if I copy-paste the 3.1.08 URL it still installs 3.1.07 so I don’t know if that’s expected or matters. Also the “related product/service” box on your forum post page is badly in need of some sorting.

Thanks for getting in touch!

The version change was just to differentiate between an old download. We recently signed the software with our Apple Developer ID, but no changes to the software were made, so it didn’t warrant changing the internal version reported by the software.

If you’re having difficulties using Digital Viewer on your Mac, but Photo Booth works fine, my best suggestion is to just use Photo Booth. We aren’t really able to resolve one-off software issues like this if you’ve already gone through the usual reinstall. Photo booth can actually do just about everything Digital Viewer does, it just doesn’t have built-in file management, so you aren’t missing out on any functionality.

Photo Booth does mirror the camera preview and any videos taken. If you want to stop this, there’s a patch for that:…

If this isn’t acceptable, I’m happy to help with a return!