Digital viewer (microscope)

Am using your fantastic microscope and am well impressed, however a small bug in the software needs fixing please.

Set still image resolution to 1200x1600
take some snaps - very good.
take a movie - very good
take a snap, but see the images are now 640x480, same as the movie resolution.
have to set and apply 1200x1600 to return to best still resolution.

Can you please update the software so that no change to still resolution occurs when you go in or out of movie mode.

Otherwise its all good for me.

Any plans to produce a higher resolution version like HD 1920x1080???

Alan Reed

Thanks for contacting us! I’d more than happy to assist.

When the bug is present/active can you take a screenshot of the Digital Viewer Settings and provide one still capture of the incorrect resolution?

We also have a tool that will help us further diagnose this issue:

Please send our support team a direct email at ‘’ with the subject line ‘Ticket #334787

Make sure to include your Amazon Order Number, plugdebug logs, and the still capture showing the incorrect resolution with your email to support.

I look forward to hearing back so we can further assist.

Kind Regards,
Plugable Technologies

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