Digital Viewer does not show the USB Microscope

The microscope app picks up the wrong cam. Using Digital Viewer 3.1.07 with Windows 10. My laptop has a built in camera that shows up when I boot Digital Viewer. No way to change the cam. When go into the settings of digital viewer and look at the camera drop down list, it already has USB Microscope selected but the viewer still shows my front laptop camera.

Hi David,

Thank you for posting. I’m sorry there have been issues with getting your USB microscope working, and I would like to help.

I appreciate your detailed description of the issue. I would like to start by seeing if the problem only occurs when using the Digital Viewer software, or if it affects other software as well. Could you please try opening the Camera App that is pre-installed in Windows 10? It will likely default to your laptop’s built-in webcam, but if the microscope is connected there should be a Change Camera button in the upper left.

Please let me know how this goes, I look forward to hearing back.