Digital microscope / MacBook Pro 2018 / Mojave


Just got my camera today. Downloaded the software to my 2018 MacBook Pro running Mojave. Followed the instructions. Opened your app, plugged in the camera, selected the Plugable Camera. Lights come on, but the image window is black. Shut down the app. Started Photobooth, selected the Plugable camera, and it works.

Deleted the Plugable software, re-installed it. Same story: the lights come on, but the preview window is black. Cannot get the camera to display in the image window of the Plugable application. Please help.

Thank you.


Thanks for reaching out!

Unfortunately, if you can’t get the software working on your Mac, the only alternative is to use Photo Booth. You do lose some functionality like timed shots, but for the most part you can do everything with Photo Booth that you can do with Digital Viewer.

One problem with Photo Booth is that it reverses images (Apple assumes people want to see a mirrored image) and we can fix that if you’re interested!


Dear Sam,

I second Richfield comment above. The software barely works under Mojave. App opens, but not the display window. The resolution max is 640x280. The only way to have the app work is to close it and then by miracle, while the pop-up to confirm closing is there, you can use the software… Photobooth is not really an alternative, as it does not allow any video to be recorded. I think software definitely needs to be updated to the latest standards.



Hi Yann, thanks for your comments!

Photo Booth does indeed have the capability to record video. Here’s a guide on using Photo Booth:

If you’re having problems with Digital Viewer, there’s very little we can do to help. We haven’t been able to reproduce any reported issues across the ~10 Mac machines we have here in the office, and the majority of customers are not having problems in Mojave. There are other webcam applications available for Mac through the app store and online if Photo Booth doesn’t meet your needs. I encourage you to experiment!


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