digialPersona U.are.U fingerprint reader fails in hub but works in computer

digital persona fingerprint reader does not work when plugged into the hub. It does work when plugged into the computer. This is the case when nothing else is plugged into the hub.

More information:
Using a different hub (non-powered) everything works!

Hi Tom,

Sorry for the problem you’re having with your fingerprint reader when it’s connected to a Plugable hub. Thanks for letting us know about it. We’re here to help.

We don’t have first-hand experience with any U.Are.U products, so I need to ask some troubleshooting questions to try to get to the root of the issue.

  1. Which U.Are.U model are you using?

  2. Which Plugable hub are you using (you can see our full range at http://plugable.com/products))?

  3. Is the Plugable hub connected directly to the computer and the U.Are.U device, or is there any sort of extension cable between the hub and the computer or the hub and the U.Are.U device?

  4. Do any other devices (e.g., a mouse or keyboard) work when connected to the Plugable hub?

  5. What is the make and mode of the hub where the U.Are.U reader works?

I’ll look forward to your feedback. The information you provide should help me determine what’s going on, but I may need to ask a few more follow up questions. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to try to get everything working properly with your Plugable hub.


Plugable Technologies