Devices for 2560x1080 HDMI


Could you recommend your adapter or docking station which allows to get UWHD resolution 2560x1080 on the monitor LG 29UM58 (HDMI port) from NVIDIA NVS 5400M on Lenovo T530. The direct connection (miniDisplayPort–>HDMI) gives just 1920x1080.

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Hello Alex, thanks for posting!

In looking at the specifications of the Lenovo T530 here –>… it mentions that a 2560x1600 resolution should be achievable from the Mini DisplayPort (“Maximum external resolution: 2560x1600 (DisplayPort)@60Hz”). Based off of these specifications I would expect our MDP-HDMI adapter ( to work in order to achieve a 2560x1080 resolution on the LG monitor.

If you are currently using a mDP to HDMI cable or adapter it is possible that the cable/adapter is what is limiting the output to 1080p, but I can’t say with certainty.

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David W.
Plugable Technologies