Device Manager Flashing - Windows 7 64-bit

I’m trying to use the Plugable USB 2.0 to VGA with my HP desktop running Windows 7 64 bit… I’ve installed the current driver from the web (can’t find my disc)… the driver installed with no errors at all… but no icon was created in notification tray… when I plug in the device, I get the “USB device found” sound (or some kind of system sound) repeating over and over. And when I go to device manager it is constantly refreshing (flashing)… but I don’t see any other errors or weirdness…

Worked fine with my Windows 7 32-bit laptop.

Is there a driver that I need that I’m not seeing here? What can I do to start troubleshooting?

Hi Brad,

First, let’s start with a fresh reboot of the HP desktop. Then, go into Control Panel and Programs and Features, and uninstall the DisplayLink Software. There should be two entries there, one called DisplayLink Core Software and one called DisplayLink Graphics. Uninstall them both, then reboot again. Once that is finished, plug in the USB2 to VGA adapter and let windows autoinstall the drivers for it. This will ensure that we have a fresh install. If the strange behavior is still happening, verify that the device is still good on the Windows 7 32 bit laptop. Let me know how these steps turn out, then we’ll figure out our next steps.