Device Failure and Slow Response Speeds?

I have the Plugable UD-160-A USB 2.0 Universal Docking Station and am running an external monitor (among other things) off of a HP ProBook 4520s.

I received the docking station in December 2010 and it ran beautifully up until two weeks ago. Since then, the external monitor flickers on and off (several times each hour initially, but more and more frequently now), will lose its ethernet connection and all peripherals will cease to function. When it does work, the external display is PAINFULLY slow and fuzzy–dragging a window onto the external display will take 15-20 seconds to complete and resolve.

I have installed the newest DisplayLink driver and have all recommended and optional Windows 7 updates installed.

Any ideas?

Thanks for posting and sorry your setup is experiencing these problems. We’ll get you fixed up.

The way several devices fail, it appears to be a USB/hardware level issue.

The slowness you’re describing almost sounds like the graphics device is operating on USB 1.1 speeds. Have you seen WIndows pop up a message like this?


And at the point the USB devices fail completely, and you open Windows’ Device Manager, do any devices (the ones attached to the dock) have a yellow exclamation and any particular errors?

This may be a hardware failure. If signs continue to point that way, just email your Amazon order number and current device serial number (on the bottom of the main unit) to and we’ll get an exchange going right away.

Thanks for your patience!

Yes, I see the “This devise can perform faster” window pop up. I have not checked the Device Manager.

Should I go ahead and send the Amazon order number and a serial number to the e-mail address provided or do you have additional suggestions before I try that?

Thanks for your reply.

In this case - where it was working fine before, but started having more frequent intermittent problems of this nature, it’s really looking like a unit failure, unfortunately.

Please send that info over to, and we’ll get a replacement unit out to you right away.

My apologies and thanks for your patience while we get you fixed up!

Bernie- I purchased a Plugable-UGA-2K-A in February from Amazon and used it to hook up a third monitor. It worked flawlessly until a few days ago when I rebooted the computer and it had to reinstall the driver. I got the message above that it would "perform faster if connected to a Hi-Speed USB 2.0 port. Since then it is barely usable. It responds very slowly when I try to move something on to that monitor and I can’t playback video at all on it. Can you help me or has my unit failed?

FYI- I’ve tried plugging it into different USB ports