Device Driver was Not Succesfully Installed DisplayLink Adapter (0379) Failed

Hi, Have UGA 125, purchased in the last 6-8 months on Amazon. It was working beautifully, allowing me to display Windows 7 Pro Media Center content on two monitors in a work out room. Windows 7 Pro is licensed and has all updates.

One day, came in the room and no video. Gone. Eliminated the monitor, cables, etc. as the problem. Downloaded the latest driver from DisplayLink and received this message:

Device Driver Software not Successfully Installed
Please consult with your device manufacture getting this device installed.
DisplayLink Display Adapter (0379) X Failed

If it is not the software, must be the Pluggable UGA 125 has croaked I guess.
serial: 4959000C00850

Any ideas? Sorry, don’t have screen capture on this machine.