Desktop items on laptop don't rull restore

I’ve noticed that, on occasion, after unplugging my UD-3900 from my laptop, the desktop on my laptop doesn’t fully restore to the state it was in prior to plugging in my UD-3900. Specifically, on occasion, some of the icons in my task bar, including the windows logo for the start menu, will appear smaller. Also, desktop icons may appear a little smaller too. Again, this only happens on occasion - thus far, I can’t seem to pinpoint what causes it to occur.

I am using the latest version of Windows 10 Home on a Lenovo Yoga 700 2-1 in laptop.

Hi Jonathan, thanks for posting and I will be happy to help! I see that you have also contacted us directly at and I will limit our communication to that email thread to keep everything in one place. I will post back here with an update regarding what was found as to help any other customers who may be experiencing this same behavior.

Thank you,

David W.
Plugable Technologies