deployment and or preinstall drivers.

USB-VGA-165. Tested by myself and one of my low level techs. Works great w/ Win7 x64 Enterprise. Kudos! Issue: We need to be able to send out about a dozen remote users without onsite techs or admin rights. We can remote into these machines, and that’s great, but to anticipate potential future uses, I’d like to be able to pre-load/inject the drivers into our image, and/or be able to deploy the drivers with Group Policy, BEFORE the devices are present (some machines may get them, while others may not.) any assistance would be appreciated
This question really is not JUST for the USB VGA 165, but that’s the specific hardware of the moment.

Hi Dan,

Thanks for asking!

As you know, installing drivers requires admin privileges (other than those developed and signed by Microsoft themselves). So you’ll need some of the pre-staging techniques you mention.

For the normal driver setup.exe, DisplayLink has documented a few command line options that may be relevant:…

DisplayLink also has a special program for corporate installs:…

This version of the software avoids the EULA and has an MSI installer that may help with pre-staging the drivers.

I’d recommend contacting DisplayLink for that, so you know all your options before picking a solution for your remote users.

Thanks again!