Dell XPS Intermittent Issues with USB Keyboard / Touchpad - Video is fine

I’ve had a UD-3900 for a while and it worked flawlessly with my HP Pavilion Laptop (2018 model). I recently switched to a new Dell XPS 9570 and I’m having all sorts of issues that seemed to be related to the USB communication with the UD-3900. Here are some of the things I’ve encountered. If anyone has any suggestions, thank you in advance!

Logitech T650 Wireless Touchpad, the SetPoint software seems to lose connection with the touchpad so none of the advanced gestures work like click to tap. This is remedied by unplugging and plugging the UD-3900. Tried latestet Logitech drivers, older ones including version from previous laptop, and even moved the receiver to the built-in USB port on the laptop and still continues.

Microsoft wireless keyboard. Was working flawlessly for the first couple days. Now strange behavior with pauses and “stuck keys” Now I have a hard wired keyboard and it too just had the stuck key effect.

External hard drive turning on when not accessing. This is new.

The dual 1080 displays are working great. No issues.

Definitely something is going on with the Dell and the USB Bus. Some sort of conflicts or maybe some sort of power management function is interfering. No clue. Hopeing someone else has run into this and has suggestions.

Installed latest plugable drivers and no difference.

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I can see that you also reached out to us directly via with an identical request for help, and I have just sent my direct reply. Please only reply to my direct email so we can keep all communication in one place.

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