Dell xps 15 9575 + UD-ULTCDL monitor issues

I have a Dell XPS 9575 and just got the UD-ULTCDL. I’m having an issues with getting my external monitors working. Even just one.

The graphics ‘card’ is the Intel HD 630.

I use the laptop display and an LG 29" 29UM67-P monitor, which i’ve attached to the dock via the HDMI 4k port (to get the full resolution of the monitor).

The dock itself is plugged into the thunderbolt/usb-c port on the bottom left-side of the dell. (I also tried it in the other ports just for kicks). I have the laptop AC adapter plugged into the top left-side. (I’m describing for the sake of support staff who may look up the 9575 specs. By ‘bottom’ i mean closer to me vs toward the back of the laptop…bad approach perhaps.)

So what happens is the LG works intermittently. Note I used it for 2 years on my old Asus laptop (direct HDMI) and with a small, portable dock on this same dell without issue. This Plugable was supposed to work ‘better’ and give more expansion. More on that in a minute.

The LG may work for a while then it says no signal and goes into power saving mode. The only solution I found is to unplug/replug the the power to the dock and this only sometimes works. It’s not been consistent. And literally as I was writing this support ticket, on the LG monitor, it just lost signal and i can’t get it back (yet).

Now at one point yesterday the LG was working and i decided i could use another external display (of which I was excited) and plugged in an older Samsung 24" lcd into the DVI port. And that worked—but the LG went right off. Eventually by some random-act-of-something I had both on and the Dell display and all was good. Until I put the laptop to sleep, unplugged it, went it home (never turned it back on), came back this morning, plugged it in and all monitors came on…for about 10 seconds then both the LG and Samsung lost signal. I rebooted my laptop and the Samsung came back but I couldn’t get the LG to work. Eventually i unplugged the Samsung and after fiddling around some more the LG came back. Then as described above, lost signal again randomly while working.

The Dell has completely updated drivers. I did install the latest DisplayLink drivers from the Plugable site.

24 hours into this product and not so sure it shouldn’t go back, but hoping i’m just missing something basic someone can point me to to resolve this and make it stable.

My one thought is that there are the Windows display controls and Intel has their own display controller. I’m not sure how these sync, if there could be conflict, etc. I know (believe) it’s not a power issue on the dock or laptop as I have the Dell’s AC adapter plugged in vs. relying on the dock for the power (which is below what the Dell would like, which is 130w).

thank you

Hello Doug,

Thank you for contacting Plugable support! Sorry to hear about this issue. I’d be more than happy to assist you.

We received the diagnostics that you sent to us, so we’ll be looking that over here and be in touch again ASAP. I will say that our experience with the 9575 is limited, though we have plenty of experience with the 9570 as we have one here…

Off the top of my head I would say that this behavior is certainly strange and not expected, but that I don’t have a clear reason in mind for the cause of these problems. I know you mentioned having the Dell AC adapter connected. If you don’t use the Dell charger, does the dock seem to be charging the system normally or will it not charge / give a charge error?

Lastly, can you tell me the serial # off the bottom of the dock?

Please don’t hesitate to let us know of other questions.

Thanks again for contacting Plugable support and best wishes!

Joshua Henry

Senior Engineer
Plugable Technologies |

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