Dell XPS 13 Not Recognizing USB Devices UD-CA1

I have a Dell XPS 13 9350 Core i7. I originally purchased a Dell WD15 dock to go along with it, but after installing every driver they provide and turning the wifi power output down to 75% it still was unstable and unusable so I returned it and go the Plugable UD-CA1. Upon first plugging it in, it worked great for about 2 minutes and then the USB Devices stopped functioning. The only thing the dock does now is mirror the display and charge the laptop. When I plug in a mouse or keyboard into the dock I get a “USB device not recognized” message from windows and if I plug a hard drive in, it doesn’t get registered. I feel like the dell drivers may be causing the problem. I’ve done a fresh install of Windows 10 but that did not fix the issue. Please help.

Hello Blake - Please see my direct response asking for logs.