Dell Venue Pro8 + UD-PRO8 + UGA-3000 (or UGA-165)

Will combination Dell Venue Pro8 + UD-PRO8 + UGA-3000 (or UGA-165) work on two monitors (and while charging Dell)? Venue Pro8 + UD-PRO8 works for me well but I want to add a second monitor. Thnx

Hi Martina,

Thank you for choosing the UD-PRO8 and posting the question here! I’d be happy to assist.

Yes, the configuration you mentioned should work fine.

But there are a couple of things to be noted:
1.Because the Dell Venue 8 Pro and UD-PRO8 are both USB 2.0, the UGA-3000 (USB 3.0) device will work as a USB 2.0 when connected. Plugable has some USB 2.0 graphics adapters if you prefer:

2.Adding additional external USB monitors may impact to the system performance. Multiple external USB monitors require more system resources such as CPU, GPU power and memory. As a small sized tablet, the DV8P doesn’t have very fast CPU compared to a regular desktop or laptop PC. In addition it’s USB 2.0 transfer speed which is about only 20 % of the USB 3.0 bus speed (480 Mbps vs 5 Gbps).
Please expect you might be seeing some display performance latency,especially when you running a heavy, graphics related or video applications such as playing back a YouTube video.

Hope this helps! If you needed any additional assistance or help, please feel free to contact us at Thanks again for posting the question!

Plugable Support