Dell Precision 5520 - Dual Monitors - Resolution not matching/native - USBC Port

Both monitors are same Make/Model: LG - UltraGear 27" Nano IPPS QHD 1-ms G-SYNC Compatible Monitor with HDR

Laptop has Integrated/External GPU: Nvidia Quadro M1200; Intel HD Graphics 630

One monitor is at 1440p and the other can’t get higher than 720p. I can also make both of them 1080p if I use Freesync Basic instead of Extended. I’ve also tested it with disabling Freesync. Both monitors can only go up to 1080p with this docking station.


Thank you for contacting us, I am sorry this is not working as expected and I am happy to help!

To support two displays over 1080P resolution this docking station requires a computer with USB4 or Thunderbolt 4 capable Type-C ports.

The Dell Precision 5520 does not support USB4 or Thunderbolt 4, only supporting USB 3 Type-C and Thunderbolt 3 with DisplayPort Alternate Mode version 1.2 ( Dell Specifications: ). From our Detailed Compatibility Knowledge Base article ( ) this docking station can only support two 1080P displays when used with a Thunderbolt 3 or USB 3 Type-C host computer:

When using this docking station with this legacy computer the external displays will be limited to 1080P resolution.

I am sorry for this inconvenience and can help to return the docking station and make a recommendation for a docking station that will be capable of supporting these displays at native resolution with your system. To start the return process directly to Plugable please contact our support team directly via email at ‘’ with the subject line ‘Ticket #423379 - Attention Pat’ and we can get the process started. Please also let me know what types of devices you will be using with the computer and docking station as well as what types of software or workflows you use so that I can recommend the most compatible docking station for this computer, displays, and your use case.

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