Default to "Projector Only" mode when plugging in


I am using a Plugable USB 3.0 docking station with a laptop (Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon) running Win 7 Pro 64 bit. In my old setup (Thinkpad X201, Kensington USB dock, also Win 7 Pro 64 bit), I used to bring the machine to my office, plug in the USB docking station cable, and my external monitor would come up in “Projector Only” mode. Now when I plug the docking station’s USB cable in, the display duplicates. I have to manually switch to “projector only” mode every time. Is there any way to change this so that it defaults to “projector only”?


Hi Bill,

Thank you for contacting Plugable with your question about the Docking station. I can help you with that.

Typically the docking station is supposed to return to the state you left it in the last time you disconnected the docking station or shut down your computer. If it doesn’t, it’s possible a third-party application is influencing the behavior of the DisplayLink software.

I have an earlier Lenovo than yours, but with Windows 7 professional 32-bit, and it worked on there. It also worked on a desktop with Windows Pro 64-bit.

In both cases, the first time I plugged in the docking station, it extended the display. I used the Windows + p shortcut to open the selection menu, and then I selected Projector Only. After that, when I disconnected the docking station, then reconnected it, it automatically returned to the Projector Only display.

If you could try this and see if it works for you like this, I would appreciate it. If it still does not automatically return to Projector Only mode, let me know and we can do some troubleshooting to find the reason.


Plugable Support

From the original poster:

Thanks for your note. I think the problem was that I closed the laptop (i.e. put it into suspend mode) before disconnecting the USB cable. With the external display in “projector only” mode, I disconnected the cable before closing the laptop. The laptop then went into suspend mode, I opened it again, reconnected the USB cable, and it switched to “projector only” display mode. So, it works the way it should.