Dead docking station on day one?

Greetings. I’m having a problem with my plugable usb-c triple display docking station, model ud-ultcdl. I began using it tonight for the first time. I connected it to power, connected it to my laptop, installed the correct plugable drivers, connected it to my ethernet network cable, and connected it to my monitor. Everything seemed to be working for a few minutes, then the docking station appeared to die. The power adapter has a small flashing green light. The docking station shows no signs of life whatsoever. I’m thinking I need to return the docking station, but if you are aware of another solution, I’d like to hear it.

Hello William,

Thanks for contacting us about this. It sounds like there could be a failure in the dock or the power adapter itself failed.

Please contact us directly at with your Amazon Order ID # or other proof of purchase and we can certainly arrange to send you a pretested replacement under warranty.

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.
Joshua Henry
Plugable Technologies