DC125, can it be used as 2 users without multiseat OS?

I want to have 2 users inputs from two keyboards simultaneously, two monitors (screens), where one of the screen is an all-in-one-pc.

We have bought a Lilliput 10 inchs touch screen but discovered that only one screen can input at one time. Therefore we are looking into whether dc125 can help solve this problem without the need of purchasing a multi seat OS because we only need two touch screens input only.

we would like some help to verify that dc125 can support two simultaneous input without the need of a multi seat os before we buy this product.

Hi Tony,

Thanks for asking ahead! The short answer is no, the DC-125 (http://plugable.com/products/dc-125/ ) can’t enable multiple simultaneous users, each with their own independent login, on a standard Windows 7 / XP PC – it requires Microsoft’s special Windows Multipoint Server OS (http://www.microsoft.com/windows/mult… ) or multiseat Linux to do that.

That said, it sounds like your scenario is a little different. If two users are entering data into the same application at different times – for example, in a doctors’ office, the receptionist brings up a form, fills in some fields, then tells the patient to fill in the rest of the form), then the DC-125 would work and can be useful for providing a separate display, keyboard, and mouse that are facing the customer.

The limitations to note are: in standard Windows, only one application has focus at a time, and the cursor and input can only be in one location at a time – so while there can be multiple displays (mirrored to see the same thing), and multiple keyboards and mice – moving either mouse will move the cursor. And typing on either keyboard will enter keystrokes in the same place.

Hope that background helps – let us know if you have any more detailed questions or if we were guessing about your scenario in the wrong direction.

Thanks again and best wishes!