Daisychain issues with 4K Displayport Adapter

Trying to daisy chain through a displayport 1.2 but the second monitor is always just a mirror. My computer does not have a DP 1.2 so I am trying to use the plugable 4k displayport adapter on my USB 3. According to Dell, my two U2414H can daisychain. The first monitor works fine but when I daisychain to the second, it simply mirrors rather than extends (resolution on both is good). (I have turned on the DP 1.2 on the first monitor and have it off on the second as instructed.)

I can get the dual monitors to work if I attach one through the USB 3/DP adapter and the second through HDMI but the resolution is no longer high on the HDMI monitor and the goal was to daisychain for simplicity sake.

Any ideas on how to fix or is this a video card limitation on my laptop?

Hi Alex,

Thanks for posting.

To utilize display daisy-chaining, the DisplayPort graphics adapter must support “MST” functionality. The DisplayLink DL-5500 chip used in our USB graphics adapters does not have support for MST functionality, and as such will not enable the daisy-chaining configuration

(We do mention this on the product page and Amazon listing, but are always looking for suggestions on how to better convey this type of technical detail.)

If this will not meet your needs, we can certainly assist with a return of the adapter for a refund. At your convenience, please email support@plugable.com and we’ll be glad to provide the next steps for the refund process.