Cursor moving on its own.

I have had my Plugable USB 3.0 for several months connected to a Lenovo X1 Carbon Touch. In fact, I own two for two different workplaces. Yesterday, my mouse cursor started moving on its own. It not only moves but will copy and paste or select. When I disconnect the Plugable unit, the problem goes away. Reconnected, it starts up again. I had the 7.2 version but just did a system restore to a prior version with no success. I have also unplugged the unit and then started it again. This actually gave me several problem free hours but the cursor started moving again and would not stop. I cannot use my computer with the docking station plugged in.

Hi Rod,

Thanks for posting! We’ll be able to help. There are no USB HID devices on the dock itself which are capable of moving the cursor.

The most common cause of unexpected cursor movement is when users close the lid on their laptop – we’ve seen this trigger the touchpad and cause the cursor to move. If you’re closing the lid on your laptop when using the dock, does the problem go away if you don’t close the lid?

Otherwise, our expectation is that this would be caused by some USB device connected to the dock. The other cause could be 3rd party software that gets confused by the presence of the dock, but we’ve never seen that before.

So to isolate this down, can you disconnect all USB devices from the dock (you can leave monitor, network, and audio attached), and see if the cursor movement goes away?

If it does, then start reconnecting devices until you find the culprit.

Hope those things to try help identify the problem. Just let us know, and if it’s still a mystery, we’ll figure out next steps.

Thanks again for posting!


Thanks! As soon as you said that I figured out the mystery. My wife moved her computer into my office and we both have wireless keyboard/mouse combos. She was controlling my mouse.

Thanks for the response, I had thought it was a great product, now I still do.

Thanks again,