Creative webcam stopped working through USB hub and switch

Hi folks,

I use a Plugable powered 4 port USB hub (D14-00062374) and a Plugable 2 port switch (S/N: 262484) to act as a kind of KVM (the monitors are switched by changing inputs). Into the hub is plugged a Wireless Logitech Keyboard and a wireless mouse, along with a Creative “Live! Socialize HD 1080”[sic] (VF0680) webcam. This arrangement has been working well for several weeks - I have one side of the switch plugged into my desktop, one into my work laptop, and I can easily switch between the two, the camera was switching without problems along with keyboard and mouse.

However, just this morning, the camera stopped working. Windows Camera reports that another app is using the camera [0xA00F4243(0xC00D3704)] and it just doesn’t work with the video conf app I use for work. The camera works without problem if plugged directly into either PC, but will not work if plugged in to the hub. It appears to work if plugged in to the switch.

What has happened? Can I fix it?


Hi Adam,

Thanks for contacting Plugable! That sounds like quite a complex behavior to troubleshoot.

If the setup was working correctly for several weeks, I think the hardware is still OK. The error points to a software issue instead.

To confirm, let’s try re-enumerating all the connected USB devices via the steps below:

  1. unplug all connected USB devices from both computers
  2. start up both computers with USB devices still detached
  3. once both computers are on, reconnect all USB devices
  4. see if the behavior has changed

If not, this is probably a software bug in the camera software you are using. To confirm, can you reproduce the error across multiple webcam softwares, or only one?

Let me know what you find out. You can also reach us at for faster response.

Thank you,
Plugable Technologies