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Is there a Laptop cord to HDMI or adapter available? Today with my Dual Monitor USB 3.0 Dual monitor docking station, the product comes with USB connect from the laptop to tower. Is it possible to connect from the tower to the HDMI saving one of the USB ports for other things?

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I am afraid I am not quite sure I understand your question…

Can you please provide more detail about what specifically you are trying to accomplish? That information will help inform our reply.

Apologies if the question appears in any way redundant, however the intent is to make sure I understand the details so that I do not make any incorrect assumptions.

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Thank you. Actually this should be much simpler. Both line is my laptop has two USB ports which both get occupied by the monitor connector to the tower and the USB fob for my mouse / keyboard. The issue we are really having is that for whatever reason, the four USB ports on the USB 3.0 Plugable tower are not working or when I plug in a memory stick to read a file, it is not being recognized by the laptop. I tried several laptops with the same conclusion. How can I get the USB ports to be recognized by the plugable tower?

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Hi Brian,

Thank you for getting back to us with the additional information!

A quick important note, in your reply you included your telephone number. Given this is a public forum, I have removed that information from your post in an effort to help ensure your privacy.

In regard to the problem at hand, if I understand you correctly the problem is that four USB ports within your docking station are not working as expected.

Assuming that my understanding is correct, based on your description of the behavior the first step is to completely reset the docking station to see if that helps change the behavior.

To do so, please disconnect both the power cable and the USB host cable from the back of the dock and keep them both disconnected for at least 30 seconds. Reconnect the power cable to the dock and wait at least 10 seconds. Then reconnect the USB host cable to the dock and test if the dock’s USB ports are now working as expected.

If that helps, great!

If not, then our next step will be to get some additional information. Please send the output of our diagnostic utility PlugDebug → to us directly via Please reference ticket #315131 within your email, which allow us to match things up and help determine the next steps.

** Please also include the Amazon Order ID number for the docking station purchase in your direct email **

** Please do not post the Amazon Order ID number or the PlugDebug file in our public forum **

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Thank you for the help. It appears we were successful with the unplug - replug process you recommended. I don’t believe any further assistance is needed at this time. ell done.

Hi Brian,

Thank you for getting back to us with the update, and you are of course most welcome for the help. I am glad to hear that everything is again working as expected.

Thank you for your patience throughout the process, and please have a good day!


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