Controlling docked hard drive sleep mode

I have a Plugable USB 3.1 Gen 2 10Gbps SATA Upright Hard Drive Dock, which works well, but the hard drive goes to sleep. It takes several annoying seconds to spin up every time it is accessed, even while playing MP3 music for instance, causing the song to stutter every now and then. How do I prevent it from going into sleep mode?

Hi Nelis,

Thanks for contacting Plugable! Yes, the USBC-SATA-V has a built-in spindown feature once the inserted drive is inactive for 10 minutes.

A firmware update is in the works to disable this feature and make the dock always-on. I don’t have an ETA for its release, but once it is available we will post it to our HDD dock firmware page.

Meanwhile, we recommend any simple lightweight utility like KeppAliveHD ( ) to keep your hard drive awake by writing a small file to it every few minutes.

Please contact with any other questions!

Thank you,
Plugable Technologies