Controlling assignment of apps to monitors and desktops

I am using a UD6950H with dual external monitors on a Macbook Pro M3 Pro and OS Snoma 14.1.

I have also used it on several versions of processors and operating systems and had the same issue with all.

Assigning apps to open on a specific monitor is inconsistent and changes when I move the computer and use it in laptop mode while travelling.

How do I overcome this issue? I want the same apps to open on the same monitor each time I use them and for that set up to survive when I come back from traveling.

Thank you

Hi Rodney,

Thank you for reaching out regarding in regards to your UD-6950H docking station and its behavior with multiple monitors on your MacBook Pro M3 Pro running macOS Sonoma 14.1.

From what I understand, you want consistent application placement on your monitors, so that each application opens on the same monitor each time, even after disconnecting and traveling with your MacBook Pro in laptop mode.

On macOS, the operating system typically tries to remember where applications were when they were last used, but this feature can sometimes be inconsistent, especially when the configuration of monitors changes, such as when you disconnect your monitors to travel. This is not a hardware issue but rather at the software layer with macOS.

One possible solution would be to use a third-party window management application that can remember the positions and monitor assignments for your apps and restore them when you reconnect your monitors. Reviewing a few apps, such as Moom, Stay, or Magnet, may help in managing window placement across multiple displays. I have not personally used these apps, but I would be interested to see if any of these applications can help here.

In addition, since the ability to remember window positions is more of a feature of the operating system than the hardware itself, let’s take a look to see if Mission Control can possibly help here as well.

Go to “System Preferences” > “Mission Control.”
Check if “Displays have separate Spaces” is enabled. If it’s not, enable it and see if that helps with managing window positions across monitors.


Michael S.

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