I just received the Pluggable USB 3.0 Docking Station. I have 2 AOC CQ27G1 27" monitors that only have HDMI ports. The Docking Station has 1 HDMI and one Female DVI port. Can you please recommend the adapter needed for connection to 2nd monitor? The adapter that came with the docking port has a different pin configuration than those pictured on internet. Just want to make sure I purchase right type of adapter. Thanks.

Thanks for posting! We’ve recently transitioned to including a DVI to HDMI adapter with the UD-3900, but not all units in the distribution channel have these units just yet. At your convenience, could you please email with your order number and shipping address? Once we have those details we’ll arrange to send a courtesy adapter your way.


I have sent a separate email with information you requested.

Looking forward to receiving adapter. Thanks for your help.