Connection to JBL Charge 2 not working properly.

I’ve just recently installed the pluggable Bluetooth USB Adapter Dual Mode on my PC running Windows 10. I am attempting to connect to a JBL Charge 2 Speakerphone. It shows connected under Manage Bluetooth devices and Device Manager also shows it and indicates it is working properly. However when I go to Skype and select the JBL Charge2 HandsFree option nothing works and if I change to JBL Charge2 Stereo the speaker works but still no mic.

Hello Gary,

Thank you for your message.

For Bluetooth headsets, there are typically two different audio profile configurations that they can use.

One is the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP), which provides high-quality stereo audio output, but does not have microphone input support.

The other is the Headset Profile/Hands-free Profile (HSP/HFP), which provides low-quality monaural audio output, as well as microphone input.

Unfortunately only one of these profiles can be active at a time for a connected device. What is likely happening is that something else is keeping A2DP (JBL Charge2 Stereo) active which prevents the use of the microphone.

Try setting your default audio devices for recording/playback to HandsFree/Headset in Windows as well as Skype, and see if the issue persists. If it does, restart your computer, then check again.

Let me know how this goes.

All the best,

Plugable Support