Connection reliability issues

I’m unsure if its my computer or the dock itself but I plug it into the usb 3.0 port and it will connect and disconnect, connect and disconnect. Sometimes it will be connected for a few minutes other times it will be for only a second or two…but eventually it disconnects altogether. What is going on?

Hi Beau,

Thanks for posting. I’m sorry you’re experiencing this problem

A few quick questions/things to try:

  1. During the fleeting minutes where the dock works, have you been able to access the disk?
  2. Can you double check that the SATA dock’s AC power adapter is connected tightly both to wall socket and dock? Without power or without enough power, you’ll see the kind of behavior you’re reporting
  3. Do you have any other USB 3.0 (storage) devices to test on this system? Do they work?
  4. Do you have a standard USB *2.0* A to B cable handy? If you do, could you test connecting the dock via that cable to a USB 2.0 port and see if you experience the same issues.

These issues are not normal. We’ll get them figured out and get you up and running. Thanks for your patience!

Also Beau, could you email your amazon order # to That way we can match you up with your order for contact. Again, our apologies and thank you!

I plug it into a normal usb port and it works just fine. I don’t have any other usb 3.0 devices to test out unfortunately. But if I plug in a normal usb device into my 3.0 port it works just fine. I’m not sure if that helps. Re. 1) it does access the disc but only momentarily and then it disconnects.

I also emailed my order number to your provided email.

Thanks for your help

Hi Beau,

Thanks for reporting back with those results. Things seem to be pointing to a problem with how USB 3.0 is configured on that computer. But to help confirm that, we’re sending a second hard drive docking station to you, to try to rule out that it’s a bad unit.

If it looks like the computer is the problem, we’ll do our best to help debug the USB 3.0 setup if you can post some info about it: your computer’s make/model (and whether USB 3.0 was added after, and how …). But you may get more competent support from the system maker.


Thank you for your help Bernie,
I have the asus p6x58d. The usb 3.0 is on the motherboard. I installed the driver for it from the provided disc asus included with the board.

Hi Beau,

It looks like there have been several firmware updates of that motherboard, and also updated USB 3.0 drivers (it uses the same USB 3.0 NEC chip as our add-in card…)

What I’d recommend to start is to 1) download the latest USB 3.0 driver and check if that helps. And if that doesn’t do it 2) download the latest firmware.

Here’s the Asus page with all their updates for that motherboard, including those USB 3.0 updates:…

Best wishes,

Plugged in the new one and it works like a charm!

Thank you!
Plugable for life!

Hi Beau,

Very glad we were able to get you fixed up! For the benefit of others - the problem was with Beau’s original unit. We sent a replacement, and all appears well. Very happy to get things up and running. Thank you for your patience!

I cannot connect. I am running Windows Vista 64, I connected via the instructions and I get nothing. Help

Hi Frank, We’ll work to resolve you issue via the thread at…