Connection Losses

I am having an issue where my USB docking station stops working sporadically. I will being using it and monitor, key board and all are working fine and then it stops working and I get a message that the USB device is not recognized. If I unplug and replug the device several times into the laptop’s usb port it sometimes will start working again. I am running Windows 7 - is this an issue that can be fixed by downloading a new driver?

Thanks for posting - that’s very frustrating.

If it were just one function (usually graphics) that’s having a problem, there are driver updates that may help the issue.

But if other devices (like mouse/keyboard) also stop working right while you’re in the middle of things (not unplugging/replugging anything), then unfortunately it’s likely a hardware problem.

Please email your Amazon order number and the serial number (on the bottom of the grey main part of the dock) to, and we’ll confirm a few things and get you fixed up.

My apologies and we’ll try to get you back up and running as quickly as possible. Thanks for your patience!