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I have two Dell U2417H3 monitors that I am trying to connect to a Dell Inspiron P85F laptop though your Plugable USB 3.0 and I have no luck with getting the monitors to come on. so I have a a couple of questions.
1- My internet cord is plugged into my wireless router now. Do I need another internet cord to plug into the 3.0 docking station or do I plug the one in from the router. I do not want mess with the connection I currently have for all the other devices in the home.
2- Neither one of my monitors has a DVI connection so is this a problem? I do have a a USB cable for each monitor that use to connect to my old docking station for a different laptop. do these have any purpose for you docking station?

Any help you could give would be appreciated.


Hi Chris,

Thank you for contacting Plugable support and I’ll be happy to help with your questions.

1 - If you laptop already has a wireless Internet connection you can use that and you do not need to plug the network cable into the docking station.

2 - For the Dell U2417H monitors, you’ll want to use the HDMI inputs on those monitors to connect to your docking station’s video outputs since your monitors only support HDMI or DisplayPort.

I’ll need to know specifically which Plugable docking station you’re using in order to assist you with selecting the correct adapters/cables to connect to the HDMI inputs on your monitors, but hopefully the information above puts you on the right path. If you would like further assistance, please e-mail us at and reference ticket #282958. I’ll be happy to get into the details of the issue and can evaluate log files if needed to help you with the issue.


-Andrew T.

Plugable Technologies

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