Connecting to a smart tv?

I bought this to connect my Samsung smart tv, as recommended. I bought it second hand and it came without the standard cables which should have included a Lan adapter, as the Lan port is specific to this tv and Samsung and art discontinued. I had hoped this would work but nothing is happening and of course as it’s a tv I’m not able to install the driver cd. Any ideas?
Samsung UE40c7000
Thank yOu.

Hello Chloe,

Thank you for your message.

Most Samsung TVs that I’m familiar with that have the ability to use wired Ethernet connections will already have an Ethernet connection built-in to the TV set.

If a USB adapter is required, it would likely have to be the specific adapter that Samsung recommends. The TV would likely only have drivers for a specific USB chipsets that they’ve approved.

Unfortunately, there won’t be a way to force the adapter to work with a TV. This is why we have specific device requirements on the adapters (such as using them with a Windows, Linux, or Mac system).

I am sorry if this isn’t the answer you were hoping for, but I hope it helps.

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