Connecting my Samsung GT-B2100 through the Plugable Prolific Cable ?

Hello !

I need to connect my Samsung GT-B2100 via the Plugable Prolific cable in order to flash it. I need it to be recognized as if it was plugged in a COM port/series port.

I have the USB to S20 cable from samsung, the one that plug into my phone, and the Plugable Prolific cable. What to do with them ?

Do I only need a db9 female - usb female connector ? I heard somewhere that I need to sold the S20 cable to the prolific cable.

Any bit of information would help me a lot. Thanks you.

Thank you for posting. I don’t think there is any way you can connect our USB-Serial adapter to your phone. It seems strange that Samsung would require a serial connection in order to flash your phone, and not a cable that connects into a serial port, and I’m not seeing any reference to a serial connection in the manual.

If you could send me a link to a web page that explains the procedure for flashing, I may be able to figure out what cables and connections you need.

As you might expect, any attempts to solder things to your serial cable will void your warranty, and we wouldn’t be able to give much support since the basic device has changed.

Plugable Support

Thanks you for the reply, it’s a pleasure to see that plugable made such a complete answer like I’ve never seen before.

Sure it’ll void warranty, but I don’t intend to return it if I do such a thing with it, I know some people abuse.

Well, all I have as information for flashing this phone is this software : OneNAND Downloader, that communicate through COM port.

Then I have a forum post talking of solding cable together, but pictures are gone.

What I think you could have as information is potential spots of the Serial part where data is traveling, and I could try to match them with the S20 wires to see if the phone is recognized or not.

Thanks you so much again David Roberts, and Plugable company.

It’s a standard RS-232 interface, so like this diagram:


One warning. The voltages on RS-232 are higher than a USB, so there is a possibility you could damage your phone if the interface isn’t designed to support it. Also, the wrong file or a problem while flashing could brick your phone.

Yeah sure, I’m aware of risks but it’s unusable anyway like that.

Perfect thing, it’s of very good help. I’ll have to try out to connect it.

Best support ever, fast reply, complete answers, warnings, and you follow the problem till the end.

Keep going !

I’ll tell results of my experience, the web need it !

Great! Thanks for your kind words. I’m going to close this thread, so if you have any other questions, please contact us directly at