Connecting Hub Produces Message

Keep getting message: This device can perform faster if connected to a HiSpeed USB port.

Hi Regie,

Thanks for posting! What that message means is a USB 2.0 device (either the hub, or a device attached to the hub) is having to drop back to 1.1 one for some reason.

We should be able to figure out why. Can you say more about what devices you’re connecting, and how? And does the problem happen when you connect the hub by itself (no other devices attached to it)?

Thanks for letting us know!

I get this message when I attach my HTC droid incredible. I attach it with the charge cord it came with. And it is the only device attached.

Hi Jimmy - can you say what PC make / model and version of Windows you’re running, and what hub make/model (if any) is connected in-between? Thanks!

HP Pavilion dv6 laptop running w7,
No hub, droid on one end w/ laptop on the other end of the cable.

HP Pavilion dv6 laptop; running w7.
No hub, droid to one end of cable; laptop to the other.

Hi Jimmy - We can’t help, because there are no Plugable products involved, but what’s happening is the Droid is enumerating as a USB 1.1 device (rather than 2.0).

That’s can be caused by a

  1. a bad cable
  2. a bad port connection
  3. a power problem with the port

#2 & 3 would be problems with your HP dv6. If that were the case, I’d expect you might see similar problems with other USB 2.0 devices (like USB hard disks). Try a different port on your dv6.

#1 is most common. If you have another cable, I’d recommend trying it.

Hope that helps – didn’t want to leave you hanging, even though it’s not our products.