Connecting Desktop PC and Laptop to dual monitors and other peripherals using different monitor connections

I have a desktop PC (running Win10) which has a dedicated graphics card (NVidia Quadro 6000) which is currently connected to two BENQ 27" monitors, one 4K photography monitor and one 144hz gaming monitor. I want these monitors to continue running at maximum possible performance when used with my desktop PC, so I believe I need to leave these connected through my video card. However, I also have a work laptop (Lenovo Yoga Y13 Thinkpad) which I would like to be able to switch to, and use with both my monitors, and I would like to be able to switch my keyboard, mouse (and ideally my webcam and USB speakers) between the two. I do not mind having to switch the monitor inputs (i.e. having different cables connecting the monitors to a docking station than the ones connected to my desktop… the performance of the monitors with my desktop is the main concern).

What equipment would I need, and how would I set this up, to enable this to work effectively with minimal effort of switching whilst maintaining the performance of my devices?

My monitors each have two available HDMI ports, the 4K monitor also has a spare USB-C input, and the gaming monitor has a spare DVI-D input. My monitors are both connected to my desktop graphics card using DisplayPort.

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Hello Tori,

Thank you for reaching out to Plugable support and providing a clear description of the goals you’re looking to meet.

We don’t offer a single dock that you could switch between your two systems while achieving your monitors’ maximum functionality through the desktop GPU. With that said, one option would be to connect the monitors directly to your desktop system as you’ve done, but then make use of one of our docks, which would connect to your laptop. Then, you’d just need to toggle the video input on the monitor to switch between the two systems.

If that kind of solution is acceptable to you, I’d like to clarify your Lenovo laptop model. I searched for the Lenovo Yoga Y13 but did not come across this particular model. Could you clarify the specific model? Lenovo provides instructions in doing that:

Depending on the model, we offer several options that could provide a solution for your Lenovo laptop. That being said, I do want to set some expectations. We do not recommend our DisplayLink-based products for gaming due to the nature of USB graphics.

Additionally, these DisplayLink-based docking stations support a maximum resolution of 60Hz, so your Lenovo laptop would not be able to take advantage of the full 144Hz of the monitor.

If that is acceptable, please let me know. Otherwise, sorry we don’t have a product for you here!

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