Connecting a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 to the Ethernet (via a cable)

I have a WiFi-only Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (Model #: GT-P3113TSYXAR). My workplace does not permit WiFi, but I can access the internet via an Ethernet cable. Is there any way I can adapt my Tab 2 such that it can function via an Ethernet cable?
I read somewhere that the Tab 2 operating system does not support what I am proposing. If so, is there software (an app?) available to remedy this?

I should mention that the Samsung support folks tell me it can’t be done, so I’ll be thrilled if you can come up with a solution.

Hi Dan-

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I’ve tried searching to see if there’s anything definitive stating whether the GT-P3113TSYXAR supports USB OTG (on-the-go), which is the basic requirement for the USB2-E1000 to work with the device, unfortunately I’m not able to verify either way.

Please feel free to try it out and take advantage of our hassle-free returns during the 1st 30 days after purchase if it doesn’t work out. Also, please let us know how it goes if you do. We’ve found that many of the Android 4.0 and later devices do work with our USB2-E100 or USB2-E1000, however results vary with each individual device so I apologize I can’t give a clearer answer here.

Thanks again for posting with your question and best wishes!

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