Connecting a MacBook Pro (2017, 13") to a Dell U2717D via DisplayPort

I am trying to connect a 2017 MacBook Pro 13" to my Dell U2717D monitor via the Plugable USB-C Mini Docking Station, so that I can charge the laptop at the same time that I use an external display. I am using a DisplayPort-to-HDMI cable to connect, since the Dell apparently can only handle 4K resolution via its DP port.

What I’m seeing is that the Mac connects to the docking station, receives charge and USB devices, audio, etc. work, but no display is detected.

Is this supposed to be a supported config? My understanding of video signal made me think this should work, as the chip in the Plugable should see the display and send signal over the Thunderbolt/USB-C cable. The Plugable web page says DP isn’t supported but the fact that I’m using DP-out of my display should be unknown to the Plugable, as it’s just seeing HDMI, right?

I should also add that via HDMI direct, the display does come up, though I’m not yet sure if it’s at full bandwidth.


Ugh. I now see that this hub never supports > 4K @ 30Hz. I was trying to make it work for 4K @ 60Hz.

Are there any hubs which can provide both 4K @ 60Hz and charge the laptop off of power from the hub? Apple has once again made it difficult to make a laptop work by removing all these connectors.