Connecting 2 monitors to laptop using Plugable USB 3.0 Docking Station

I have a Dell monitor connected to my Dell laptop, which is the only way the two will interact (VGA cable). I have a second monitor (Acer) that I want to connect to the laptop, using the docking station. The 2nd monitor is connected to the docking station using a DVI cable (at both ends). Then, I connected the laptop to the docking station with an HDMI cable (both ends). The 2nd monitor is not recognized. What do I need to do? The second monitor has only the engaged DVI port and another VGA port - nothing else.

Additionally, the Acer monitor just states No Signal, no matter which button I push on it. And, the Display Settings on the laptop don’t recognize the 2nd monitor at all, just the Dell one.

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Thanks for reaching out on our forums. My name is Mychal and I’d be happy to help you with your inquiry.

To confirm, you have the USB cable (USB-A or USB-C) that was included with the docking station connected to your laptop and dock? Connecting just the HDMI will not allow data to be sent to and from the laptop.

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