Connected Monitors not displaying correctly

I recently purchased a Geekom Mini T11 with Intel Xe graphics and have attempted to connect it to my 6950H. I am unable to get the video to work correctly. At boot up I can see the monitors are receiving some kind of signal but all that is shown is the mouse cursor on a black background, which responds to movement and clicks. I have updated all the drivers and tried switch from HDMI to Displayport cables. PC displays properly when the video cables are plugged into the computer itself. Mouse and Keyboard work properly with the computer and the Dock. Any suggestions on how to fix this issue would be appreciated

Hi Kevin,

We noticed that you reached out to us through our Support system. We responded to that request (ticket 406434), so please feel free to respond to that reply, and we will be happy to continue to help provide support regarding this issue.


Michael S.

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