Connect USB Bluetooth device automatically


We are making a small device with a Raspberry Pi Zero that requires bluetooth connectivity. However, the device needs to be able to connect to a cellphone or tablet without having to ask permission to be paired (since the user will not be able to access the operating system). Is there any way we can program the Plugable USB Bluetooth adapter so that it can connect to any device without asking for permission?


Hello Orlando,

Thank you for your message. It may be possible to do this as Linux is very flexible this way, but we do not have particular code or steps that would accomplish this.

A lot in this answer depends on what you may be trying to do. Is it just a one-time connection with a known device when the Zero is booted? Are you trying to connect and disconnect multiple unknown devices at a kiosk or something similar?

Generally a known device can simply reconnect without going through an authentication process.

For other host devices that could initiate the connection (such as a phone), it may be as basic as automatically accepting pairing attempts that are received by the Zero and having the Zero remain discoverable.

If your goal would be to have the Zero automatically initiate a pairing with an unknown device, this would likely be much more difficult to implement. It would essentially require the Zero to perpetually scan for available Bluetooth devices and make pairing attempts with devices that aren’t connected which isn’t likely to work well.

Ultimately the best answer may be to experiment with it and see what is possible.

I hope this helps.