Connect USB 2.o digital microscope with android

Got any pluggable USB 2.0 digital microscope with observation stand for use with my Android phone so I ordered the type a to type c cord as suggested on site. Got everything in the mail and I’m trying to connect the microscope to my Android smartphone and nothing is happening it’s not recognizing it there’s nothing turning on there’s no lights coming on the microscope and I’m getting no pop-up Windows anywhere so I’m not sure if the cord is bad or if the microscope is bad or if my phone is not set properly. How do I get started with this and how do I connect this microscope to my Android phone?


Thank you for contacting Plugable and welcome to our forums! I can certainly provide guidance on compatibility on Android devices for our USB2-Micro-250x. We recommend the app CameraFi 2, available on Google Play or the built in Camera application on your device. In some cases the built in Camera application will detect the USB Microscope, keep in mind that you may have to select the “switch camera” button on the application until you see the USB Microscope.

Compatibility wise, Android devices must be designed by the manufacturer to use external cameras and if they are, will have the drivers already built in. Some default camera apps are programmed to only see the cameras that the maker built in. If that is the case we recommend the app CameraFi 2, available on Google Play Store.

Please Note: Android support is on a case-by-case basis. Device manufacturers must have support for USB Video Class devices built-in or this will not work. A very limited number of Android devices support this functionality.

I hope this information helps and let us know if this helps with using our USB Microscope.


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