Connect Monitors to PC

I want to hookup 8 monitors to my 2016 Acer i5 Windows 10 desk top pc. I already have the 8 monitors setup on two stands with a power cable plug and monitor cable (with adapter/s) for each monitor. All i need is to connect all 8 monitors to the Acer i5 Windows 10 PC. Can i do this using one of Plugable Technologies USB plugable hubs in your product range. If I can, what will i need to achieve this?

Hi Ibrahim,

We sent the following in reply to your email inquriy, but are posting here as well in case that email was missed – thanks!

Thanks for your interest! However, most modern systems are limited to a maximum of 6 monitors via USB graphics adapters. Additionally, multiple USB displays will not have enough bandwidth for things like full-motion video playback.

Since you mention having a desktop system, you will likely have better results and save money using one or more add-in graphics cards for your system.

So based on the above, we’re likely not the best choice for your project, but thanks once again for the inquiry!