Connect Lenovo Ideapad (no vga slot) to a Dell external VGA monitor using uga-3000?

trying to use an external monitor with an Ideapad. Ideapad doe not have vga port. Thought your device was the ticket to do this. However, I can not seem to see how to connect a DELL external monitor with a 15 pin vga connector to your plugable. I bought the wrong device I think. It said vga.

Please confirm this is the incorrect device and advise how I can return it. I think the external monitor has to have a HDMI plug, right?

Hi Maggie,

I’ll be happy to help get things sorted out.

The UGA-3000 should have included two adapters that can be attached - one to covert the output to VGA, and one to convert it to HDMI.

Can you confirm that the adapters were present in the box?

Regarding the external monitor, tough to say without certainty what type of connection will be needed without additional information. On the rear of the monitor, hopefully the connections will be labeled (DVI, VGA, HDMI, etc). Otherwise, you could jot down the model number from the back of the monitor and post it in your reply and I can look into the specifications to confirm which type of connector/cables can be used.


HI ,
Yes I got two adapters in the box. Still, I do not see how these can work. I have two ports on the back of the Dell monitor. I can barely read the engraved port labels. One does say DVI and one of your adapters will connect to it but then there is no where to connect it into my lenovo ideapad 14. the DVI adapter would connect via usb to your box, then your box on the other side has a female pin type port.

The other potr on the Dell external screen is typical old std style vga 15 pin.

I only have USB ports on the Lenovo!
What am I missing here?

Hi, I think I should have just bought a new monitor that uses HDMI as I have a HDMI port on the lenovo. I could get one for about 20 bucks more than the adapter.

I need to return this; how can I do that? I don’t see instructions to do so in the shipment?
Thanks for your help.

Hi Maggie,

If the Dell monitor has a DVI port, I’d expect that it can connect directly to the UGA-3000 adapter with a DVI cable - but if you have a VGA cable currently, it seems like we should be able to get things to work. (The DVI adapter shouldn’t go on the monitor, it should go on the UGA-3000 itself if it’s needed.)

If I’m understanding correctly, it sounds like you could put the DVI-to-VGA adapter on the UGA-3000, and then connect that to the VGA port on your Dell monitor.

The connection chain would look like this:
USB port on your Dell laptop -> UGA-3000 -> DVI-to-VGA adapter -> VGA cable -> Dell Monitor

It seems like this would be the most straightforward way. Again, it sounds like a DVI cable would work as well, but it’d be a shame to buy an extra cable unless completely necessary.


Hi Maggie,

The quickest way to do the return is through the automated system at