Connect and switch between MacBook Pro and Lenovo T430

I have a mac book pro which my family uses at home and I have a Lenovo T430 which I use to connect to my office. I share a Samsung monitor, Logitech keyboard and mx2 mouse between these two laptops. Currently I end up switching these plus the network cable evertime I want to switch computers. Do you have a product /solution which can help perform this switch ? I am looking to only use one system at any time. My monitor is currently connected from the MacBook via a lightning to hdmi converter to the monitor directly and the windows pc is connected via a vga cable directly.

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We offer a line of DisplayLink docking station products for Windows like the model UD-3900, which converts a single USB port on your computer into multiple ports for video, audio, USB, and ethernet.

Link to UD-3900:

Unfortunately, DisplayLink technology is not compatible with Mac or Linux operating systems at this time - only Windows for now.

For our Mac users we have a new line of UD-CA1 Thunderbolt 3 compatible docking stations, but both your Mac Book Pro and your Lenovo would need to have a TBT3 / USB-C port to swap the dock between the two.

Link to UD-CA1:

Because of these compatibility limitations, unfortunately I don’t think Plugable will have a perfect solution for you. I would recommend looking into a traditional KVM solution instead.

Sorry I don’t have better news for you, but I hope this helps!

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I used UD-12+ from ConnectPRO to connect one MacBook Pro and One Lenovo Notebook, both of the computers has MiniDisplay video output.

Just use DVI-to-MiniDisplayPort cable connects between MacBook Pro and the UD-12+ KVM switch or between the Lenovo T430 to the KVM switch for video sharing.

And put USB A-B cable between notebook computer and the KVM switch for sharing keyboard and mouse. This solution had been tested and proofed working.