confusion on a budget, help me obi !

I’ve read such great things about your support; so thought I’d write to support first… then go to ‘sales’. Here’s my situation. I want to stream from an older (3yr) laptop to my fancy new Panasonic HD TV, at as good a quality as possible without breaking the bank or considering instead buying a new laptop with HDMI ports (which I can’t afford-I dropped cable to afford the TV). Your best recommendation is appreciated. My laptop has VGA, S, and USB ports. My TV has USB, Component, and HDMI inputs. Must admit I’m confused by products and reviews. Help, please.

Hi Sojourn,

Thanks for your inquiry about our products. If you are running Windows, we have one product that may be of interest to you, you can get more information about it here :


With the USB2-HDMI-165 you’ll be able to stream audio and video at 720p over USB2. Because of the extra demand on the CPU incurred by USB graphics and audio, and the limits of USB2.0 bandwidth, the performance won’t be the same as a pure HDMI connection, but it will work with out breaking the bank.

The level of performance will depend on the particular laptop you have. If you send me the details, I’ll be able to make a more specific recommendation. As long as it meets the minimum system requirements listed on the page linked above, you should have no problems for everyday usage.

I hope this helps!!
Let us know if there’s anything else we can do.
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