Confused... UGA-2K-A page says: "NOT RECOMMENDED for use with Mac OS Lion

Confused… UGA-2K-A page says: “NOT RECOMMENDED for use with Mac OS Lion (10.7) because of performance and compatibility regressions from Snow Leopard to Lion. Lion users on hybrid graphics laptops must set power saving to “highest performance” (to prevent GPU switching) before installing DisplayLink drivers, to avoid problems with blank login screen, etc.”

  1. If it’s not recommended, then why instructions on how to use?
  2. What about Mac Mini with Lion?


Thanks for your very good question. And we’re sorry for the confusion we’ve caused.

There were concerns in 2011 about how DisplayLink chipsets–which are in Plugable’s USB-based graphics adapters–performed on OS X 10.7. These have been addressed with a new driver from DisplayLink available here:…. Make sure to review the limitations with 3D acceleration that DisplayLink mentions. Also, the new driver performs best when used in conjunction with the latest version of OS X Lion: 10.7.2.

Unfortunately, our support page for the UGA-2K-A at does not have this latest information. We’re in the middle of making some technical changes to the website that we need to complete before updating content there. Once more, sorry for the confusion we’ve caused.

Please let us know if you have additional questions about Plugable products. We’re here to help.


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