Conflicting with other devices?

Hello- I have had the E2500, for approx 3 weeks. I am satisfied with the speed. However the issue I am having is that the E2500 device seems to conflict with any other devices that share the same Switch. I have E2500 to Cat6 into a TPLink SG108, and that is going into a Nighthawk router.

After putting in the E2500 I began to notice my other (wired) devices all having persistent disconnects. Not just a little, a lot. So after ~5hrs of un/plugging cables around (different combinations) I’ve isolated it to this Pluggable E2500.

Whenever the E2500 is plugged into the ethernet, but not a computer (eg; I use it in a docking station, so whenever the laptop is undocked) … any other wired device on the same Switch gets disconnected. Happens with Vonage, Smartthings, DirecTV, Lutron etc… anything wired to the same switch gets disonnected. If I disconnect the E2500, power cycle all my devices, they come back online and there are no more disconnects.

I have noticed when the E2500 is connected to the ethernet but not the compute, all the LED lights blink like crazy, it’s almost like the chipset in there is still ‘connecting’ even when there is no computer connected to the USB end. I have no idea why the E2500 seems to kick everything else off the TPLink switch though.

Is this expected behavior? Any trouble shooting advice?


I just replied to the support ticket you sent into us. I’ll continue to work with you via email.


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