Confirming Lenovo Yoga 900 with UD-ULTCDL cannot support Alternate Mode native passthrough video?

Looking to buy the UD-ULTCDL (USB-C Triple Display Docking Station) for use with a Lenovo Yoga 900 to drive dual 1080p HDMI monitors.

On, the compatibility table says that native passthrough video output is not supported on the basis the Yoga 900 does not support Alt Mode video (meaning both displays would use DisplayLink).

However, the Lenovo specifications describe the USB-C port supporting “video out”…] and “native display port 1.2 video output”…].

I’m not sure if this is different to DisplayPort Alt Mode.

So I’m wondering if the compatibility table is confirmed as accurate, and that the Yoga 900 will not be able to natively drive a external monitor through the UD-ULTCDL.


We have had mixed reports of the Yoga 900 working or not working with our UD-ULTCDL docking station so for now we have removed it from the compatibility chart.

We’re unclear as to why these reports are mixed at this time and unfortunately cannot recommend our dock for your Yoga 900 at this time. We suspect it could be a BIOS issue but we don’t have enough data.

Thank you,
Joshua Henry
Plugable Technologies