concerns with plugging in disk drives and iPads

I have 2 questions about my Hub Uspeed 7 X USB 3.0 I recently purchased:

  • when I plug in my 3 TB Seagate disk drive, a message displays on my (iMac) screen: " The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer. I clicked on “Ignore” and then have no problems accessing the Seagate drive. (There was no dvd on my optical drive)
  • when I plug in my iPad, the iPad screen states that it is “Not Charging”, although the iPad seems to be charging, although very slow. Only the Seagate drive was plugged in at that time. I red your reply on iPad charging etc., and my question is: could the Hub, or the iPad, get damaged by the iPad being plugged into the hub?
    I hope you can help me.
    Thank you,
    Dick Vink

Hi Dick - We’re actually a different company from Uspeed, so that’s not our product.

Ours looks similar, but is the…

But to answer your question quickly, the iPad would not be damaged by plugging into a hub. Here’s more background from us on how Apple charging works:…

Again, not specific to the Uspeed hub you have, but may be helpful.