Computer still supplies power even though plugable hub is powered.

I have the plugable 10 port powered hub, however I believe my Macbook Pro is still supplying power to the connected devices (the port is hot, and the usb prober / system info shows the current being supplied). I would like to have the plugable hub supply the power to all the connected devices… is there any way to disable the Mac from supplying power?


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It really depends on whether or not the power adapter is plugged in.

Without the power adapter plugged in, the Mac can only provide 500mA to the USB port, which is usually only enough for keyboards and mice. However, if the power adapter is plugged in, it will provide an additional 2.5 A to the devices connected to the hub. At that point, the Mac will still provide power and of course do the necessary data communications with the hub.

Unfortunately, the hub cannot charge devices without being connected to a computer (see also the FAQ on the 10-port hub)

As far as we know there is no way to make the Mac not provide any power to the devices, as this is standard USB specifications.

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Hi Lampros - thanks for replying! This actually showed up in Gmail’s
spam box, which is why I am just seeing it. :frowning:

I’ve been scratching my head over this as I really like to have my
Macbook Pro stay as cool as possible when doing a lot of music
production, so I didn’t want it to power the USB devices. I actually
made sure that the hub was providing the power by covering the voltage
pin inside the usb cable plugged into the Mac’s port. This ensures
that the Mac is not providing the power, but the devices are still on,
meaning the hub MUST be supplying the power, and all communications
work fine (since the data pins are not covered).

I know, a weird hack… but it seems to work.


That’s a unusual solution but we’re glad it works!

We’ll keep it in mind for other customers with similar questions!

Thanks for posting your solution here!

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